The Community of Producers in Arts was born from a theater group of young people who decided to establish their experience to scale locally, in the City of El Alto, convinced that the arts are an axis of development and social change.

From this two-way learning work between Youth and the work team, the COMPA Foundation was born as a Non-Profit Organization, which was based on its previous and tangible experience, fused with the deepest aspirations of Boys, Girls and Youth, creates an innovative methodological proposal aimed at strengthening the formal and informal educational process through what has been called: Pedagogy of Free Bodies with which it is intended to strengthen skills and knowledge in Boys, Girls and Youth to consolidate their capacities. of leadership, improving their self-esteem, their collaborative spirit and making their citizen participation active and effective in the exercise of their right

More information available in English:
- Article about the bodies decolonisation: De-Colonising the Body and Social Work in the South: the practical experience of COMPA in Bolivia
- Essay by Sonja Hohenbild about "Hij@s de la Mina“ (Children of the Mine) a participatory theatre play of COMPA-Bolivia (PDF)

Donations to Foundation COMPA is possible via COMPA Berlin e.V. a German non-profit organization that supports the work of COMPA in Bolivia:
COMPA Berlin e.V.

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